Laura Mandell, “Gender and Cultural Analytics: Finding or Making Stereotypes?” Debates in Digital Humanities 2019. Univ. of Minnesota Press, 2019, pp. 3-26.

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Past Talks

Laura Mandell, “Academic Analytics and/as the Crisis in Expertise,” Invited talk, Disquantified: Higher Education in the Age of Metrics, Univ. of CA Santa Barbara, 16 May 2019.

Laura Mandell, “Queer Worlds: Text-mining Against Gender Normativity,” Novel Worlds conference, McGill University, 20 October 2018.

Laura Mandell, Megan Pearson, Rebecca Kempe, Steven Dezort, “Visualizing the Feminist Controversy in England, 1788-1810,” Digital Humanities Conference, 26-29 June 2018. Abstract published: pp. 237-39.

Laura Mandell, “Finding Eighteenth-Century Gender Categories with Catma,” ASECS Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, 22 March 2018.

Laura Mandell, “Gender and Big Data: Finding or Making Stereotypes, 2.0,” Invited Keynote Paper presented at “Beyond Control+F: Text Mining Across the Disciplines,” Univ. of Michigan, 1 Feb. 2016.

Laura Mandell, “Gender and Big Data: Finding or Making Stereotypes, 1.0,” invited presentation for the eHumanities Group annual lecture, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, 10 December 2015.


Interviewed by #dariahTeach, “Digital Humanities in Practice: A Feminist Reading,
9 November 2016